Walmart Survival Knives, they suck!

Most of the people are buying items from Walmart. Indeed this store has it all and it is affordable and at the same time, you find things that are cheap. Buying at Walmart makes you feel like you need more because of the price range that they have. But not all items that you find in Walmart are durable and can at least last you long for about 6 months or so. Perhaps having it a week is the farthest it could go. Anything that you purchase from the store depends also on the item that you have bought.

But there is one specific thing that you need to be aware of and should avoid wasting your money on items that are not even worth the price and time. Purchasing knives at Walmart are a “no go”. Yes! Spending your money with knives at Walmart is not worth the money at all. Most of the knives have a lack of information in which you would wonder as to what could be the possible features that would be at least of value? Or is there any guarantee that if you are to buy knives at Walmart can give you a year warranty? Walmart has said to be competing with other brands of knives which made it a competitive business marketer but because they are more in the people’s choice, of course, you have no choice but to purchase an item or more at Walmart.
In the world of knives, there may be people who do not know have any knowledge with regards to the importance and usage of the knife. This does not only help you get easy with the task of slicing and preparing for foods but to consider that there are other means and ways to use a knife. It is not basically for cooking only but this can be used as well for hunting and even cleaning,depends on how you’re going to use it. And if Walmart does not see this as a people’s choice priority then purchasing a knife can be ridiculous as what being said you do not want to overly spend your money over on something that you know can give you anything beneficial.

Another thing is that while you are looking for at least a good quality knife, you’d be seeing a rack full of packs of knives and you still have to ask for assistance for the knives to be kept in a manner that it is safer to handle rather than looking for a specific knife that you think is good for use. For some reason, Walmart has taken that area down in which one of the most important things that a person has to buy for home use is a knife and yet you can not because of how everything is displayed. So why does it remained to be patchy and unpredictable? It is because the management of Walmart sucks and it is never their priority to meet the needs of their costumer’s choices.

Walmart does not care much of the best knife ever displayed on their store, all they care about is how to profit. You will never be entertained whether you are buying a good one or not. If you are a knife lover, you would never think of purchasing knives at Walmart as you will only be losing money and at the same time you are only wasting your time and effort going in there and not even entertained as to what they would suggest about best knives they can suggest to you. No, you will only end up buying low-class knives that are easily broken and the price may either be lower than you are expecting or some knives that you have bought and you think will do you good, will end up buying another one because it was not just working out well for you.
Walmart loves to display items that are basically made in China. As you know everything that is made in China is very questionable. Its durability does not last long and it only leaves you with a lot of doubt and stress whether it gives you assurance as to how long will it be lasting in your hands or not. Sadly most of the items from China does not last long and for some reason, Walmart keeps on displaying items that are made of China, Should be more on brands that are at least a little better than having to buy that are not even known for its durability. Keep in mind that a knife should be made of all special elements, imagine yourself being able to purchase from Walmart and knowing that its quality is not good, then you find yourself at risk because you did not expect it get broken while you are doing a little vigorous work. Even if people would say that “give it a chance” that does not imply anymore if you have a scarred fingers because you have purchased low-quality knives.

With regards to sharpening your knife and if you happen to have bought it at Walmart, do not expect that it will sharpen because not long enough once it is dull, you can have it sharpen anymore. Through this, it has become a discouragement to continuously purchase any item from Walmart. If they can not provide the best knives, the how much are other items that you can see at the store? Is it durable as well or is it the same just like you have purchased knives from Walmart? The store is fond of a clearance sale, and so do not be deceive with buying low-quality knives as it will only be a burden in the future. Not long enough your knife will be broken and that is the sad truth about Walmart. Instead of reaching out their costume’s needs regardless of what item be it a knife or not should have at least respect to their costumers especially when it comes to buying knives.

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