Schrade SCHF2 Extreme Survival Steel Special Forces Fixed Blade Knife with Nylon Sheath

Survival knives are designed and manufactured intended for extreme survival outdoor uses or environment. From the word itself survival, it helps users and knife buyers in times of emergencies and needs especially when the user happen to lose some of the main equipment for survival. Survival knives are not just ordinary knives. They look like ordinary and the common knives but they have special features, components and materials that are really made for survival purposes. Most of the survival knives are used by some military groups, campers, hikers, travelers, sports enthusiasts and other people who venture and go to the wilderness. But these survival knives can also be used for chopping foods; also, they are really designed to chop harder objects and materials like woods, skinning materials or woods, trapping, and other uses. Survival knives have so many uses which make it a must equipment to be included in your survival kit. Survival Knives are really made to be lightweight and easy to carry like a foldable style; and for other survival knife, it comes with a strong hallow end which you may want to use for storage for other small items while you travel into the wilderness. Foldable survival knives were really designed for easier storage; this won’t take much of your bag storage.

Schrade SCHF2 Extreme
One of the best kind of survival knife to have is the Schrade SCHF2 Extreme Survival Steel Special Forces Fixed Blade Knife with Nylon Sheath has an overall length of 10.3″. The Schrade Survival Steel Knife is composed and made up of one very solid sheet or piece of SAE – 1070 with a content of high carbon steel colored with a dark gray outer layer or cover. Originally, the pioneering person behind this extremely innovative survival steel fixed blade knife is Chris Reeve. He was the one who designed this survival knife. The original design was a one-piece knife design pairs with durability and strength all throughout the whole and length of the survival knife; it has a hollow end or handles for the purpose of storing small items.

Schrade SCHF2 Extreme Survival Steel Special Forces Fixed Blade Knife with Nylon Sheath is very perfect and ideal for survival purposes; from the word itself, it is a survival blade knife. It is perfectly designed and produced to work for fire starting, sharpener, weapon making, or other survival kit purposes in which this survival blade knife can be used for. The survival blade knife has a black nylon belt sheath and leg tie for better portability of the knife. One of the key features of the Schrade SCHF2 Extreme Survival Steel Knife is the multi-bit screwdriver that threads inside the butt or handle of the knife. It has specifically 7 set of removable screwdrivers; you can have the choice to remove these screwdrivers and replace them with other survival kits and equipment like matches, nails or other small things that can be stored in the handle of this survival knife. You can also use the end of the knife or handle as a crashing tool to crash hard objects like stones, woods, and other hard objects. The solid handle is really designed to withstand a high force; enabling the survival knife to crash hard objects and would not even damage your survival knife. This survival knife is really designed for survival and tactical and outdoor use for extreme environment.

What are the best features of this survival knife?
One of the greatest advantages you can have when you buy this Schrade SCHF2 Survival Steel knife is that it comes with many uses. It is not just a knife for chopping and cutting, but it is also a knife for crashing and pounding hard objects. The Schrade SCHF2 Survival Steel Knife has a very hard fixed knife which can withstand a hard force and pressure being applied to the knife. The blade would not even bend nor fold when you slice or cut hard objects which make work easier and faster during emergencies and survival times. Next advantage would be the handle storage. With the handle storage at the end or butt of the knife, you can carry with you screwdrivers which may come handy as well during emergencies. It is really designed and manufactured to help you survive during difficult times. It also comes with a very easy grip handle that would really suit your hand when you use the survival kit knife. Also, the advantage of having the Schrade SCHF2 Survival Steel Knife is that you do not need to carry with you pieces of knives because with the Schrade SCHF2 Survival Steel Knife is an all in one purpose knife. Lastly, the blades are not easily dulled, thus allowing and assuring survival knife users to use it longer without worrying how to sharpen the blade of the knife while you travel.

Disadvantage but can be an advantage
But, there is just only one disadvantage of the Schrade SCHF2 knife, at least there is only one. The very disadvantage which can be an advantage as well is that the Schrade SCHF2 knife is not a foldable survival knife which can store the blade of the knife for a safer storage and this can really take up space in your emergency kit and is not ideal for pocket storage while you travel. It has a fixed length already. It is really not ideal for you to just carry this Schrade SCHF2 survival knife in your purse or pockets. But wait, there must be a reason why the Schrade SCHF2 Survival Knife was not designed to have foldable handle or end; because try to think of it, if it happened to have a foldable handle or end, it might affect its intended performance of durability and strength. Foldable survival knives can be damaged sooner or later because the foldable handle can become weary which makes the survival knife uneasy to handle during cutting or slicing hard objects. So, with the Schrade SCHF2 Survival Knife, though it does not have a foldable handle for storing the blade, it is really designed to be like that to withstand the very hard force and pressures and to avoid the knife from being damaged immediately.
Therefore, with all these things, survival knives are a must have survival equipment not just for those who love and like to venture in the wilderness but this can be also of great help to everyone. The Schrade SCHF2 Survival Steel Knife is really designed to aide you in surviving.


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