How to Clean Survival Knives

Do you happened to have survival knives and you have been using it for many times and yet you want to maintain its sanitation but seemingly water is not enough to just make the knife clean and sanitized as well? There are many ways for you to know as to how you are going to clean your survival knives. Before anything else you need to have few tools for you to be able to maintain the sharpness of your knife and at the same time keep the handle from any breakage due to the moist that it can accumulate inside the handle.

Having a great knife is simply bringing it outside your home and make the use out of it. It needs to perform well when it comes to cutting branches and skinning. By the end of the day, your knife has performed all sorts of tasks that you wished to use it. And in order for you to have a good, well maintained knife. Cleaning and caring for your knife is an essential thing that you need to do as this also benefit you from having it to reuse. Remember that as to how long you have used your knife, reflects on how you have taken care of it as well. To help you keep your knife or knives in a perfect manner, here are a few tips for you to maintain and at the same time care for your knife.



Specialty knives– this means that you are keeping a knife that has value to you or you have only purpose for one specific kind of knife. For example the use for skinning only. This type of knife will only be used for skinning and not for anything else such as you do not have to use it for cutting branches, slicing food and or anything that is involved with having it use to another task.

Cleaning your knife every after use– this is very important so as to maintain the usage of the knife and the sanitation. The most important part that you need to clean the blade and do not as well forget to clean the handle as this is where your hands get contaminated as well if you do not include it in cleaning. To clean your knife, use running water and never soak your knife as this can create rust most especially to the handle part. Then it is also important that you are to dry your survival knife because if there is moisture, of course, there is rust. If you are in a place wherein drying your knife can be tough, find ways to dry it such as using of leaves, or perhaps air drying it. If you happen to have a survival knife that is stainless steel, using plain water and a dish soap can be done.

Another is oiling your knife– this is important as your knife is used on a regular basis. Oiling your knife every day is a must as this will prevent from any friction. The purpose of oiling your knife is to protect the coating of your knife’s blade thus keeping this from getting rust. Important reminder does not overspill your knife with oil as this will also spread at the handle area. Instead use an ample amount of oil to keep your blade efficient as possible.

If you ever noticed that your knife has become dull. It would be best to sharpen your knife in a manner that you need to be skilled in doing this. The purpose of this is that if you are skilled and you know what tools to use especially if you are out and about as surviving is the goal. Keep in mind that sharpening knives should be done in a safer disposition and should not harm. Having a dull knife is a “no go” when you are on a trip. So it would be best for you to at least have it sharpened before you are leaving with any of you survival endeavors.

Storing in a humid place– it is important that your knife is well kept and is in a temperature that is humid. The purpose of this is to keep your knife dry. How you’re going to do this is simple. Wrap it in a piece of a paper if there is anything available, if not use a cloth to keep it dry.

Quality knives are designed to assist you in tasks that are seemingly impossible to be done by human strength. That is why knives are made to complete the everyday struggle. Its purpose is never defeated as to how you want to use your knife as long as it is for safe keep and not of harm.


A regular cleaning of knives whether you opt for gaming purposes and or for hunting and proper care of your knife is imperative. In order for your knife to have its maximum longevity, and durability it should be treated in a manner that it is important thus this is also beneficial because you can use it for as long as you want. If you think that your knife has contributed a lot when it comes to hunting. So do not disregard cleaning and oiling your knife in a day to day basis. This makes your knife works more effectively than you could ever think of. The more it is maintained the longer your knife will be for usage.

As you are caring for your knife, there are also preventive ways and measures for you to be able to continually care more with regards to maintaining the knife, and for survival purposes you only need to keep it dry and if you ever have a lubricant oil around, you can always use it regularly to keep your knife more effective for usage. Depending on the type of survival knife that is available, do not neglect in overlooking any debris that you may find in the handle of your knife, it is important that you should always keep this area clean and as much as possible keep it away from getting any formation of rust especially if your knife is not stainless steel.

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