Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro Knife, Fine Edge [31-001901]

When you are on the move of looking for a new survival knife for your survival kit then you must get the ones that are highly recommended by almost everyone who are into survival trainings or extreme outdoor activities that is why looking for reviews is a good thing to do. You need to have a good survival knife since if you do have great survival skills, it could not really be that great if you do not have a great survival knife as well. So if you do not know where to start, you can start by the ones that are highly recommended by the experts whose preference that you trust, like for example this Gerber Bear Grylls ultimate pro knife, fine edge [31-001901] since it is kind of an all in one survival knife, plus it is small which means that you can put it anywhere you want when you travel or out for an adventure.

In this particular survival knife, it actually has kind of a lot of features since as it was mentioned earlier; a lot of people wants to have this one due to its reliability and for one is that it has a very smooth 4.8 inches of smooth drop point blade. Another features is that is has full-tang, which means that the steel is from the tip that has a blade, going down to the bottom of the handle, it has lashing holes, it has a fire starter that is attached to its sheath, it has a rubber grip, and also a loud emergency whistle. Not only that, if you will actually get this particular survival knife is that you will be able to have a pocket guide from Bear Grylls himself, which is called the Priorities of Survival.


So this particular survival knife has a total length of 10 inches and it weighs for about 13.7 oz when weighs with the sheath itself. And aside from all the features that were mentioned earlier, you can actually make sure that you will be able to keep this knife sharp all the time since in its sheath there is already a carbide sharpener.

So the good thing that you will be able to get with this particular survival knife is that since it is made of a good quality of steel is that it will be less likely that it will get any corrosion on it or even rust plus you can make sure that it is always sharp as new since there is already a sharpener included that you can just pull from its sheath. And as a lot of experts that has proved and tested this particular survival knife that it is actually one of the best survival knives available in the market today since it can actually able to cut through almost anything that you want to cut with it, such as ropes for example.

Now the full tang feature of this survival knife is actually what makes you sure with its strength since the construction has a very good foundation, meaning the steel is not just halfway to the handle of the knife which means that it is less likely to break if you will put much power while using it. This is actually why a lot of experts say that you can rely on this particular survival knife since you can make sure that it is one of the most durable survival knives available and the strongest ones as well. So even if you are a beginner or an expert in learning and developing your survival skills then this is actually the knife that you might want to get.

Now just like anything, there is actually no product that is perfect and if you are a consumer that is looking for a perfect product then you must know that there is not perfect product that exists, that is actually only based on preference so that is why one of the cons of this survival knife is that it is very sharp and very hard to pull out from its sheath, even though that sharpness is a pro earlier on this post but it still actually serve as one of its cons since it is really sharp then it is not that safe. So even if the sharpness is a good thing, it can actually be a bad thing due to the safety of the owner or the one that is using it which means that it is a kind of risky to the owners, especially for the ones who are not used to using survival knives.

Also, another con is the price itself, aside from the fact that it is actually a good quality survival knife and one of the best and strongest knives in the market, however there are actually already a lot of shops or online shops that can offer you great discounts if you really want to have this kind of survival knife, all you need to do is to search online which online sites sell them with a greater discount.

Moreover, one more disadvantage of this particular survival knife is that it is actually heavier than it should be, since it is really a bit heavier than most survival knives available. Also, the weight is actually a disadvantage in this one since a survival knife should not that heavy in order to use it with convenience.

Therefore, in all that has been said on this particular survival knife, it is still worth it to buy one for you or for your loved one and give it as a gift since it a very efficient survival knife plus it is not that long or big that is why you can just put it anywhere you are comfortable to place it and bring it with you anywhere, and the reliability that you can get out of it since it has a full tang which means that it has a full strength to it.


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