Walmart Survival Knives, they suck!

Most of the people are buying items from Walmart. Indeed this store has it all and it is affordable and at the same time, you find things that are cheap. Buying at Walmart makes you feel like you need more because of the price range that they have. But not all items that you find in Walmart are durable and can at least last you long for about 6 months or so. Perhaps having it a week is the farthest it could go. Anything that you purchase from the store depends also on the item that you have bought.

But there is one specific thing that you need to be aware of and should avoid wasting your money on items that are not even worth the price and time. Purchasing knives at Walmart are a “no go”. Yes! Spending your money with knives at Walmart is not worth the money at all. Most of the knives have a lack of information in which you would wonder as to what could be the possible features that would be at least of value? Or is there any guarantee that if you are to buy knives at Walmart can give you a year warranty? Walmart has said to be competing with other brands of knives which made it a competitive business marketer but because they are more in the people’s choice, of course, you have no choice but to purchase an item or more at Walmart.
In the world of knives, there may be people who do not know have any knowledge with regards to the importance and usage of the knife. This does not only help you get easy with the task of slicing and preparing for foods but to consider that there are other means and ways to use a knife. It is not basically for cooking only but this can be used as well for hunting and even cleaning,depends on how you’re going to use it. And if Walmart does not see this as a people’s choice priority then purchasing a knife can be ridiculous as what being said you do not want to overly spend your money over on something that you know can give you anything beneficial.

Another thing is that while you are looking for at least a good quality knife, you’d be seeing a rack full of packs of knives and you still have to ask for assistance for the knives to be kept in a manner that it is safer to handle rather than looking for a specific knife that you think is good for use. For some reason, Walmart has taken that area down in which one of the most important things that a person has to buy for home use is a knife and yet you can not because of how everything is displayed. So why does it remained to be patchy and unpredictable? It is because the management of Walmart sucks and it is never their priority to meet the needs of their costumer’s choices.

Walmart does not care much of the best knife ever displayed on their store, all they care about is how to profit. You will never be entertained whether you are buying a good one or not. If you are a knife lover, you would never think of purchasing knives at Walmart as you will only be losing money and at the same time you are only wasting your time and effort going in there and not even entertained as to what they would suggest about best knives they can suggest to you. No, you will only end up buying low-class knives that are easily broken and the price may either be lower than you are expecting or some knives that you have bought and you think will do you good, will end up buying another one because it was not just working out well for you.
Walmart loves to display items that are basically made in China. As you know everything that is made in China is very questionable. Its durability does not last long and it only leaves you with a lot of doubt and stress whether it gives you assurance as to how long will it be lasting in your hands or not. Sadly most of the items from China does not last long and for some reason, Walmart keeps on displaying items that are made of China, Should be more on brands that are at least a little better than having to buy that are not even known for its durability. Keep in mind that a knife should be made of all special elements, imagine yourself being able to purchase from Walmart and knowing that its quality is not good, then you find yourself at risk because you did not expect it get broken while you are doing a little vigorous work. Even if people would say that “give it a chance” that does not imply anymore if you have a scarred fingers because you have purchased low-quality knives.

With regards to sharpening your knife and if you happen to have bought it at Walmart, do not expect that it will sharpen because not long enough once it is dull, you can have it sharpen anymore. Through this, it has become a discouragement to continuously purchase any item from Walmart. If they can not provide the best knives, the how much are other items that you can see at the store? Is it durable as well or is it the same just like you have purchased knives from Walmart? The store is fond of a clearance sale, and so do not be deceive with buying low-quality knives as it will only be a burden in the future. Not long enough your knife will be broken and that is the sad truth about Walmart. Instead of reaching out their costume’s needs regardless of what item be it a knife or not should have at least respect to their costumers especially when it comes to buying knives.

How to Sharpen Survival Knives?

Survival knives are mostly known for its indispensable purpose. This helps you in the building of a shelter, and other tasks such as the use for preparing food, cut ropes, even cut ropes and much more. This can also support you in times of self-defense and at the same time assist you in hunting for animal food.

What does a “survival knife” mean? The usage of the knife comes in a multitude of variations and purpose only when you are in a survival position like for example, you are in a far off place wherein technology and appliances are not applicable. Most of this happens when you are in a provincial far-flung mission or perhaps somewhere in a survival style vacation. Another purpose is to have a knife that is lightweight, must have a sharp edge, the handle must not easy to break and is handy. Usually, it is advisable to have two knives in case any emergency comes. Folding knives are used as a spare only since it is not as strong as compared to a sheath knife. Its is only kept for slicing and or skinning.
There are also different characteristic of a survival knife and if you are a knife lover or a beginner about learning knives, it is important that you have the knowledge in order for you to know when and how to use a survival knife such as knowing the length and strength of a physical knife and if a type of knife is for survival needs or not. In choosing your knife is it essential that you know the size, the kind of blade and the thickness that you need for survival. An indication for your survival knife that needs to be sharpened is when it is dull and edges are no longer sharp to cut or slice. Since you are in a place wherein it is hard to find a store to sharpen knives there are several ways for you sharpen your survival knife.

First of all, you need to sharpen your knife for the purpose of making tasks easier and faster as well. In terms of sharpening your knife, it only takes a little effort to exert physical strength in sharpening the edges and the blade of your knife. Before you dig in sharpening your knife it there is a few things that you need to consider especially when it comes to the different types of blades steels and blade grinds thus these as well requires different grits and the honing of the angles. Being aware of the sharpener to use for sharpening is also essential.

A little note never runs your hand or finger over a newly sharpened knife as this comes out to be very sharp. Sharpening stones- this is the best tool for making your knife very sharp and ready for to do tasks. Here are the types of sharpening tools or stones for survival.

Whetstone – this type of stone is mostly used for amateur welders of knives. This also comes in two sides, first, one is used to rub out the edges of the knife. The second side, this is the part wherein the knife is sharpened. The usage of whetstone should be damp and you should soak first both sides of the stone for about ten minutes. For survival purposes, at least you should be near a stream wherein you can dampen the whetstone.

Ceramic stones– this sharpens your knife in half of the time compared to the whetstone. However, this is a little complicated. You must sharpen it held up at a point wherein it is at a rough grind precise angle for you to be able to successfully sharpen the knife. This also needs to be soaked for at least three to five minutes.

Diamond stones– this may not appear in your survival moments but to consider as sharpening your knife this is the only option available that is expensive. These stones come in three types: fine, hard and superfine. This is also hard and extremely porous. This does not have to be dumped.

Furthermore, here are more tips as to how you are going to sharpen your knife.

Brushing the knife across softly the stone– gliding the blade up and down to the stone. In doing It more right you have to do it also in a circular motion. Keep doing this until you get a sharper knife, to check for a sharp knife you must only tap and not glide to avoid any puncture of the skin. If you are able to sharpen it properly and correctly you will see shavings of metals and burrs that start to accumulate all over the edges of the blade.
Do not forget to sharpen the back of the back of the blade as this will give you an extra cutting edge power and thus reducing the risk of breaking the handle . Turning the stone to a fine upward just like turning the level up and simply run your blade across to a fine part of the stone. Your other option is honing the road. You may be familiar with how you are going to do this as this is usually seen on television or even if you have a friend or a family member who is a chef. Honing is simply rubbing the knives to remove the burrs of newly sharpened knives.

Testing the knife is very important. The best way for you to test the sharpness of your knife is to get a piece of paper and cut it in half. If it does slices sharply in the middle portion of your paper then that means that you have successfully sharpened your knife accordingly. Of course, if this does not have cut it in halves, just repeat the method that you are using in sharpening your knife. To even look for imperfections as you are sharpening, put your knife on a light and see the difference, if you see any light that is reflected through it that means that you to further trim down a few more before you can recheck it again. Sharpening a knife may take time as this requires you to be skilled as well. It also takes a lot of patience and endurance for you to be able to finish sharpening your knife.

How to Clean Survival Knives

Do you happened to have survival knives and you have been using it for many times and yet you want to maintain its sanitation but seemingly water is not enough to just make the knife clean and sanitized as well? There are many ways for you to know as to how you are going to clean your survival knives. Before anything else you need to have few tools for you to be able to maintain the sharpness of your knife and at the same time keep the handle from any breakage due to the moist that it can accumulate inside the handle.

Having a great knife is simply bringing it outside your home and make the use out of it. It needs to perform well when it comes to cutting branches and skinning. By the end of the day, your knife has performed all sorts of tasks that you wished to use it. And in order for you to have a good, well maintained knife. Cleaning and caring for your knife is an essential thing that you need to do as this also benefit you from having it to reuse. Remember that as to how long you have used your knife, reflects on how you have taken care of it as well. To help you keep your knife or knives in a perfect manner, here are a few tips for you to maintain and at the same time care for your knife.



Specialty knives– this means that you are keeping a knife that has value to you or you have only purpose for one specific kind of knife. For example the use for skinning only. This type of knife will only be used for skinning and not for anything else such as you do not have to use it for cutting branches, slicing food and or anything that is involved with having it use to another task.

Cleaning your knife every after use– this is very important so as to maintain the usage of the knife and the sanitation. The most important part that you need to clean the blade and do not as well forget to clean the handle as this is where your hands get contaminated as well if you do not include it in cleaning. To clean your knife, use running water and never soak your knife as this can create rust most especially to the handle part. Then it is also important that you are to dry your survival knife because if there is moisture, of course, there is rust. If you are in a place wherein drying your knife can be tough, find ways to dry it such as using of leaves, or perhaps air drying it. If you happen to have a survival knife that is stainless steel, using plain water and a dish soap can be done.

Another is oiling your knife– this is important as your knife is used on a regular basis. Oiling your knife every day is a must as this will prevent from any friction. The purpose of oiling your knife is to protect the coating of your knife’s blade thus keeping this from getting rust. Important reminder does not overspill your knife with oil as this will also spread at the handle area. Instead use an ample amount of oil to keep your blade efficient as possible.

If you ever noticed that your knife has become dull. It would be best to sharpen your knife in a manner that you need to be skilled in doing this. The purpose of this is that if you are skilled and you know what tools to use especially if you are out and about as surviving is the goal. Keep in mind that sharpening knives should be done in a safer disposition and should not harm. Having a dull knife is a “no go” when you are on a trip. So it would be best for you to at least have it sharpened before you are leaving with any of you survival endeavors.

Storing in a humid place– it is important that your knife is well kept and is in a temperature that is humid. The purpose of this is to keep your knife dry. How you’re going to do this is simple. Wrap it in a piece of a paper if there is anything available, if not use a cloth to keep it dry.

Quality knives are designed to assist you in tasks that are seemingly impossible to be done by human strength. That is why knives are made to complete the everyday struggle. Its purpose is never defeated as to how you want to use your knife as long as it is for safe keep and not of harm.


A regular cleaning of knives whether you opt for gaming purposes and or for hunting and proper care of your knife is imperative. In order for your knife to have its maximum longevity, and durability it should be treated in a manner that it is important thus this is also beneficial because you can use it for as long as you want. If you think that your knife has contributed a lot when it comes to hunting. So do not disregard cleaning and oiling your knife in a day to day basis. This makes your knife works more effectively than you could ever think of. The more it is maintained the longer your knife will be for usage.

As you are caring for your knife, there are also preventive ways and measures for you to be able to continually care more with regards to maintaining the knife, and for survival purposes you only need to keep it dry and if you ever have a lubricant oil around, you can always use it regularly to keep your knife more effective for usage. Depending on the type of survival knife that is available, do not neglect in overlooking any debris that you may find in the handle of your knife, it is important that you should always keep this area clean and as much as possible keep it away from getting any formation of rust especially if your knife is not stainless steel.

Schrade SCHF2 Extreme Survival Steel Special Forces Fixed Blade Knife with Nylon Sheath

Survival knives are designed and manufactured intended for extreme survival outdoor uses or environment. From the word itself survival, it helps users and knife buyers in times of emergencies and needs especially when the user happen to lose some of the main equipment for survival. Survival knives are not just ordinary knives. They look like ordinary and the common knives but they have special features, components and materials that are really made for survival purposes. Most of the survival knives are used by some military groups, campers, hikers, travelers, sports enthusiasts and other people who venture and go to the wilderness. But these survival knives can also be used for chopping foods; also, they are really designed to chop harder objects and materials like woods, skinning materials or woods, trapping, and other uses. Survival knives have so many uses which make it a must equipment to be included in your survival kit. Survival Knives are really made to be lightweight and easy to carry like a foldable style; and for other survival knife, it comes with a strong hallow end which you may want to use for storage for other small items while you travel into the wilderness. Foldable survival knives were really designed for easier storage; this won’t take much of your bag storage.

Schrade SCHF2 Extreme
One of the best kind of survival knife to have is the Schrade SCHF2 Extreme Survival Steel Special Forces Fixed Blade Knife with Nylon Sheath has an overall length of 10.3″. The Schrade Survival Steel Knife is composed and made up of one very solid sheet or piece of SAE – 1070 with a content of high carbon steel colored with a dark gray outer layer or cover. Originally, the pioneering person behind this extremely innovative survival steel fixed blade knife is Chris Reeve. He was the one who designed this survival knife. The original design was a one-piece knife design pairs with durability and strength all throughout the whole and length of the survival knife; it has a hollow end or handles for the purpose of storing small items.

Schrade SCHF2 Extreme Survival Steel Special Forces Fixed Blade Knife with Nylon Sheath is very perfect and ideal for survival purposes; from the word itself, it is a survival blade knife. It is perfectly designed and produced to work for fire starting, sharpener, weapon making, or other survival kit purposes in which this survival blade knife can be used for. The survival blade knife has a black nylon belt sheath and leg tie for better portability of the knife. One of the key features of the Schrade SCHF2 Extreme Survival Steel Knife is the multi-bit screwdriver that threads inside the butt or handle of the knife. It has specifically 7 set of removable screwdrivers; you can have the choice to remove these screwdrivers and replace them with other survival kits and equipment like matches, nails or other small things that can be stored in the handle of this survival knife. You can also use the end of the knife or handle as a crashing tool to crash hard objects like stones, woods, and other hard objects. The solid handle is really designed to withstand a high force; enabling the survival knife to crash hard objects and would not even damage your survival knife. This survival knife is really designed for survival and tactical and outdoor use for extreme environment.

What are the best features of this survival knife?
One of the greatest advantages you can have when you buy this Schrade SCHF2 Survival Steel knife is that it comes with many uses. It is not just a knife for chopping and cutting, but it is also a knife for crashing and pounding hard objects. The Schrade SCHF2 Survival Steel Knife has a very hard fixed knife which can withstand a hard force and pressure being applied to the knife. The blade would not even bend nor fold when you slice or cut hard objects which make work easier and faster during emergencies and survival times. Next advantage would be the handle storage. With the handle storage at the end or butt of the knife, you can carry with you screwdrivers which may come handy as well during emergencies. It is really designed and manufactured to help you survive during difficult times. It also comes with a very easy grip handle that would really suit your hand when you use the survival kit knife. Also, the advantage of having the Schrade SCHF2 Survival Steel Knife is that you do not need to carry with you pieces of knives because with the Schrade SCHF2 Survival Steel Knife is an all in one purpose knife. Lastly, the blades are not easily dulled, thus allowing and assuring survival knife users to use it longer without worrying how to sharpen the blade of the knife while you travel.

Disadvantage but can be an advantage
But, there is just only one disadvantage of the Schrade SCHF2 knife, at least there is only one. The very disadvantage which can be an advantage as well is that the Schrade SCHF2 knife is not a foldable survival knife which can store the blade of the knife for a safer storage and this can really take up space in your emergency kit and is not ideal for pocket storage while you travel. It has a fixed length already. It is really not ideal for you to just carry this Schrade SCHF2 survival knife in your purse or pockets. But wait, there must be a reason why the Schrade SCHF2 Survival Knife was not designed to have foldable handle or end; because try to think of it, if it happened to have a foldable handle or end, it might affect its intended performance of durability and strength. Foldable survival knives can be damaged sooner or later because the foldable handle can become weary which makes the survival knife uneasy to handle during cutting or slicing hard objects. So, with the Schrade SCHF2 Survival Knife, though it does not have a foldable handle for storing the blade, it is really designed to be like that to withstand the very hard force and pressures and to avoid the knife from being damaged immediately.
Therefore, with all these things, survival knives are a must have survival equipment not just for those who love and like to venture in the wilderness but this can be also of great help to everyone. The Schrade SCHF2 Survival Steel Knife is really designed to aide you in surviving.


Ontario SP2 Air Force Survival Knife (Black)

For the past years, information technology has really developed and changed so fast. But, there are some other things which remained the same for over a hundred years old. Though the information technology has greatly sprouted and affected each of the people’s lives, there still conventional tools and equipment that still remain the same up to this very point. One of the examples would be the wheels; wheels are still the same and are still used for the same purposes although the wheels have been used in different ways but still, its purpose and goal is still the same. There have been reinventions of wheels for the past years but still, the use and purposes are still the same; what changed are just some of the features, looks, and style.

This goes the same to knives. Knives have been used for centuries as a tool and weapon. Knives are can be compared and similar to the concept of wheels presented above because knives are just some of the conventional tools still being used widely at present and their purposes and uses are still the same; and like the wheels, what changed in the knives are only the features and style. Long ago, there have been wide uses of survival knives in different kingdoms, tribes, and military groups and up to this present time, survival knives are still widely used by people during survival times and emergencies. What changed in the concept of the survival knives is that it has been reinvented to become more durable and have more strength to withstand greater and bigger forces when used in times of dilemmas.


With the reinvention of survival knives, comes the Ontario SP2 Air Force Survival Knife. Ontario SP2 Air Force knife is the new model release of a survival knife. It comes with a black outer layer or coating. Ontario SP2 Air Force Survival Knife are widely used by most of the military groups because of its key features that are not found in any other Survival Knives since all knives are not created to be the same and equal. Each survival knives have their distinct features which make it more ideal to use over others. Ontario SP2 Air Force Survival Knife is designed to do the job and work which other survival knives can’t do and perform. It is designed especially for military purposes, sporting, rescue uses and other survival situations and dilemmas. The Ontario SP2 Air Force Survival Knife has dimensions of 14.4 x 3.1 x 1.9 inches and weighs around 9.1 ounces which are very lightweight for a survival knife.

The Ontario SP2 Air Force Survival Knife has a very comfortable Kraton handle. The Kraton material used is a krate polymer. The handle is designed to give the user a comfort during a grip that is why the Ontario SP2 Air Force has deep ridges in the handle to provide better friction between the user’s hand and handle, and the handle is wider at the center. Another handle feature is the handle guard for shield purposes and has a forward end to avoid your hands from slipping away from the handle while in use. Also, there is a brass lanyard hole in the handle. It has a very nice and comfortable platform on the butt end of the knife which is very ideal and suitable for a reverse use of the survival knife.
For the blades of the Ontario SP2 Air Force Survival Knife, it has a blade steel of 1095 and it is epoxy coated carbon steel. On the other edge of the blade, there is a built-in rasp which you can find handy and useful in the field. The Ontario SP2 Air Force Survival Knife has a clip point grind which is fully sharpened intended for combat type of use; this one use of the Ontario SP2 Air Force survival knife is for the military purpose only. A combat purpose of the survival knife requires much training in order to use the product correctly and appropriately. Anyway, going back, on the other edge of the blade is the very sharp edge of the survival knife. The thickness of the blade is 0.188 inches or when converted to centimeters it is around 0.478 cm. Ontario SP2 Air Force Survival Knife has a fixed blade and feature. It comes also with a leather cover for safe storage.

Advantages of the Ontario SP2 Air Force Survival Knife
Ontario SP2 Air Force Survival Knife is the new release model for Ontario Survival Knives. It is one of the reinventions of the Survival Knives. One of the biggest advantages for of the Ontario SP2 Air Force Survival Knife is the spine. The partial tang goes fully to the handle making it more durable and force resistant. It has pretty tough handle which can be really handy and comfortable to the part of the survival knife user. There are so many advantages you can have with the Ontario SP2 Air Force Survival Knife in terms of its uses, purposes, cutting ability and other things especially the pointed sharp end intended for self-offense during combat.

Disadvantages of the Ontario SP2 Air Force Survival Knife
One of the greatest disadvantages of the Ontario SP2 Air Force knife is its ability to really do fine cutting jobs. Also, Ontario SP2 Air Force Survival Knife is not a foldable knife. The handle does not promote a safe storage for the blades thus making this kind of survival knife hard to store in your pockets or purses. It will take a vertical space in your storage.
Overall, the Ontario SP2 Air Force Survival Knife can really be a good survival equipment to be considered not just for military groups but for a personal survival kit. Also, the Ontario SP2 Air Force Survival Knife comes with a very cheap price in the market. However, reviews may come very subjective to the buyer’s preferences but overall, this survival knife is a must have survival knife for your survival kit.


Officially Licensed RAMBO II MC-RB2 Officially Licensed First Blood Part II Survival Knife 15.38-Inch Overall

When you are looking for a new survival knife for your knife collection or for survival purposes like if you are a mountaineer or you enjoy a lot of outdoor sports and activities that has something to do in the woods, then it is actually a lot better that you research for the survival knife that you will buy. In this case it is the officially licensed Rambo II mc-rb2 officially licensed first blood part ii survival knife 15.38-inch overall that you will be able to know about this post, you will be able to know basically what’s in it if you will buy this particular survival knife.

Its Features
Now first is the features of this particular survival knife is that you will actually be able to have survival knife that has a corded wrap handle which means that it would actually provide you or lets you to have a really good and tight grip on the handle. Also with it, that means that no matter will happen, you will be able to have a secure grip on it in times of crisis, literally for survival purposes. And that is actually just one feature of this particular survival knife.
As far as the physical qualities that you want to know are that it is actually a survival knife that has a nine inches blade, which means that it is actually not that small nor too big for survival purposes. That means that you can actually rely on it for whatever purpose you have in mind since it will just fit anywhere.


Now if you will get this particular survival knife, you will actually not just get the knife itself but there are a lot more that comes with it when you buy it. Like for example if you will get this particular survival knife is that you will also get a whole set of survival pack that includes a hook, sinkers, fishing line, matches, compass, a razor, screwdrivers, and a lot more that you need a survival kit. What more can you ask for? You will already have a survival knife and a whole bunch of survival kit.

But if you think that is only it, there is actually more of it and that is if you get this particular survival kit is that you will be able to get a Certificate of Authenticity of the survival knife itself which means that it is something that can really prove its authenticity.

So the good thing about such survival knife is that it is already proven a lot of times by people who are into survival outdoor activities and a lot of them find it amazing and would prefer to buy it again if they will need another one. This means that a lot of people have already trusted this particular survival knife which means that you can as well, especially that those people are the people who know what to look for survival knives in particular.

Then, also such survival knife is actually so solid the edge, it is so sharp that is why if just looks so good to look at and when you get a grip of it. More, importantly, when you get this particular survival knife is that you will be able to make sure that if you will bring it to wherever you are or you will give this as a gift to somebody else that you cares or you want to impress since this actually already comes with a protective sheath or it already comes with a case, unlike others, you will still need to find a case that would fit the survival knife that you will just buy.

Now with the cons of this particular survival knife is that you will actually be able to lose the sharpness of the edge quickly that is why it would also be better that sharpen it every once in a while so that you will be able to keep it always sharp and ready to use. Also, to avoid it from losing its sharpness quickly , especially if you use it every day, then you need to make sure that aside from sharpening it every now and then, is that you need to make sure that it is clean every time after you use it on something. Since it actually loses its sharpness, quite quick enough, especially if you use it daily then that is why you need to make sure that proper care and cleaning of it are being done.

Also, another not so good about such knife is that the part where you will be able to get a grip on the survival knife is that experts have noticed that the black paint on it will actually also easily tear off or the paint will actually flake due to a procedure that was not was not done on this particular survival knife, which is the sand-blasting procedure. So for you to avoid causing it to flake anytime soon, then you just need to make sure that it is always clean and dry as much as possible so that the paint will not soften if moist is present when it is wet.

Nevertheless, the overall rating of this survival knife and the whole survival kit is actually a good one, better than the average since for the price that you will be able to get with the quality products that you will have is already a good deal, you will not be able to find a lower price with such good quality of the survival kit. That is why if you are looking not just for a survival knife but a kit itself then this is already a good one, especially for beginners in survival training or activities since it already includes almost all of the basic stuff that you will need to perform the tasks that will be asked from you doing survival training.


Ka Bar Becker BK2 Companion Fixed Blade Knife

Most people are looking for the perfect tool for camping. Yet a lot of them were lead to wrong products that do not guarantee the expense. If you are one of them then have yourself research on the best quality tool. There are a lot of products available in your nearest home depot shop and outdoor store and in the online market. Yet facts on their efficiency are not well-supported as some of them were not patronized by outdoor adventurers.There are some factors affecting preferences of these up for camp games. The quality of material is on top and its multipurpose use in the outdoor activities.

Camping tool like a knife is very important for the gaming experience. It is used for a skinning game, cutting joints, slicing flesh, chopping of spices and for the purpose of kindle and grilling. Such users need high-quality material that lasts for long camping and adventure outings. Do you have such tool in your pocket? If you consider buying one then have this article as a reference for the perfect tool suits the game. Ka Bar manufacturing introduces this Becker BK2 Companion Fixed Blade knife. With its quality material and handy use, you can never be wrong of having one in your bag. This knife has so much to offer the price itself makes it cheap as it lasts for a lifetime use. Here are key things to consider why you should have one.

An outdoor knife that serves a lot of use should always be packed in your bag when going for a camp. Such kind of knife should be made from finest quality material to properly function as a tool for the skinning game, cutting joins, slicing flesh, chopping spices and for the purpose to kindle and grilling.This Ka Bar Becker BK2 Companion Fixed Blade knife has so much to offer you will surely want to have the tool.

Quality Material.
The best product comes from the best quality of materials. Ka Bar Becker BK2 Companion Fixed Blade knife is manufactured from a finest material such as grivory, the handle of the knife, a material that could be used as a metal substitute. The shank is so sharp it can easily skin or slice game as it can be used for cutting twigs or any piece to kindle in woods, which you can expect from a steel blade material- 1095 CRO-van. This knife is very much suitable for your camping experience.

Perfect measures.
You can never be wrong with Ka Bar Becker BK2 Companion Fixed Blade knife as its measure is so perfect for the camping activity. It is not so big or small for skinning game and cutting twigs for making fire. This knife is ten and a half inches long having a blade length of five and a half inches. Ka Bar Becker BK2 Companion Fixed Blade knife material is light weight as in 1 pound, very handy and can fit in your backpack like it is made for it.

Precisely sharp.
This Ka Bar Becker BK2 Companion Fixed Blade knife has an angle of 20 degrees with a blade shape of drop-point. It is finely sharp with no hassle to skin game and slices its flesh. A perfect buddy for your camping experience!

Fits everywhere
Because of its size and lightweight material, Ka Bar Becker BK2 Companion Fixed Blade knife fits everywhere! This ten and a half inches long knife can be placed in your camping pants’ side pocket; pretty fits for a less than a foot-long tool. Ka Bar Becker BK2 Companion Fixed Blade knife comes with a protective nylon sheath made with glass filled perfectly assembled to keep the blade sharp and safe so nothing to worry as it will not shear off your flesh or backpack.

Free shipment!
Who doesn’t like free freight? With its best deal price to quality ratio, you can have the shipment for free and expect it to arrive on your doorstep within five days. Ordering Ka Bar Becker BK2 Companion Fixed Blade knife gives you ease and convenience as you don’t have to spend time or energy going to home supplies store. Shop this awesome knife and free yourself from any hassles!

Ka Bar Becker BK2 Companion Fixed Blade knife is specially made for outdoor activities. This knife can skin game, cut joints and very handy for other chopping purposes. With its lightweight material, you can take it and place it every time you go on camping. Ka Bar Becker BK2 Companion Fixed Blade knife size perfectly fits your pocket and backpack so you don’t have to get worried with bulky tool protruding on your bag. Its protective sheath made is with glass filled material- both protect its blade and yourself from shearing off your skin and your stuff when placed inside the backpack. The handle just fits your grip and does not slide on your hand even sweating as it is made from grivory. Ka Bar Becker BK2 Companion Fixed Blade knife price is just so right you will have the best deal with the quality material and use.

With its awesome use comes with disadvantage; as in it is small and cannot be used on very heavy duty task such as chopping bones of the game or cutting bigger twigs for the kindle. Though handle is made from grivory, it will not spare your hand from slipping when the handle is greasy. The attractive sheath with glass filled material should be handled with care as it might break inside and fail its purpose to keep the knife’s blade sharp and yourself safe.

Ka Bar Becker BK2 Companion Fixed Blade knife is the best tool for your camping experience as it provides you a lot of use ranging from a skinning game to slicing flesh, chopping spices and kindle twigs and for grilling. This knife is made from quality material that lasts for a lifetime when properly used and kept. The price of Ka Bar Becker BK2 Companion Fixed Blade knife just suits with the quality and use for the outdoor adventure.


Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro Knife, Fine Edge [31-001901]

When you are on the move of looking for a new survival knife for your survival kit then you must get the ones that are highly recommended by almost everyone who are into survival trainings or extreme outdoor activities that is why looking for reviews is a good thing to do. You need to have a good survival knife since if you do have great survival skills, it could not really be that great if you do not have a great survival knife as well. So if you do not know where to start, you can start by the ones that are highly recommended by the experts whose preference that you trust, like for example this Gerber Bear Grylls ultimate pro knife, fine edge [31-001901] since it is kind of an all in one survival knife, plus it is small which means that you can put it anywhere you want when you travel or out for an adventure.

In this particular survival knife, it actually has kind of a lot of features since as it was mentioned earlier; a lot of people wants to have this one due to its reliability and for one is that it has a very smooth 4.8 inches of smooth drop point blade. Another features is that is has full-tang, which means that the steel is from the tip that has a blade, going down to the bottom of the handle, it has lashing holes, it has a fire starter that is attached to its sheath, it has a rubber grip, and also a loud emergency whistle. Not only that, if you will actually get this particular survival knife is that you will be able to have a pocket guide from Bear Grylls himself, which is called the Priorities of Survival.


So this particular survival knife has a total length of 10 inches and it weighs for about 13.7 oz when weighs with the sheath itself. And aside from all the features that were mentioned earlier, you can actually make sure that you will be able to keep this knife sharp all the time since in its sheath there is already a carbide sharpener.

So the good thing that you will be able to get with this particular survival knife is that since it is made of a good quality of steel is that it will be less likely that it will get any corrosion on it or even rust plus you can make sure that it is always sharp as new since there is already a sharpener included that you can just pull from its sheath. And as a lot of experts that has proved and tested this particular survival knife that it is actually one of the best survival knives available in the market today since it can actually able to cut through almost anything that you want to cut with it, such as ropes for example.

Now the full tang feature of this survival knife is actually what makes you sure with its strength since the construction has a very good foundation, meaning the steel is not just halfway to the handle of the knife which means that it is less likely to break if you will put much power while using it. This is actually why a lot of experts say that you can rely on this particular survival knife since you can make sure that it is one of the most durable survival knives available and the strongest ones as well. So even if you are a beginner or an expert in learning and developing your survival skills then this is actually the knife that you might want to get.

Now just like anything, there is actually no product that is perfect and if you are a consumer that is looking for a perfect product then you must know that there is not perfect product that exists, that is actually only based on preference so that is why one of the cons of this survival knife is that it is very sharp and very hard to pull out from its sheath, even though that sharpness is a pro earlier on this post but it still actually serve as one of its cons since it is really sharp then it is not that safe. So even if the sharpness is a good thing, it can actually be a bad thing due to the safety of the owner or the one that is using it which means that it is a kind of risky to the owners, especially for the ones who are not used to using survival knives.

Also, another con is the price itself, aside from the fact that it is actually a good quality survival knife and one of the best and strongest knives in the market, however there are actually already a lot of shops or online shops that can offer you great discounts if you really want to have this kind of survival knife, all you need to do is to search online which online sites sell them with a greater discount.

Moreover, one more disadvantage of this particular survival knife is that it is actually heavier than it should be, since it is really a bit heavier than most survival knives available. Also, the weight is actually a disadvantage in this one since a survival knife should not that heavy in order to use it with convenience.

Therefore, in all that has been said on this particular survival knife, it is still worth it to buy one for you or for your loved one and give it as a gift since it a very efficient survival knife plus it is not that long or big that is why you can just put it anywhere you are comfortable to place it and bring it with you anywhere, and the reliability that you can get out of it since it has a full tang which means that it has a full strength to it.


Genuine Gurkha Aeof Kukri-11″ Authentic British Gurkha Afghan Khukuri – Handmade by Ex Gurkha Kukhuri House in Nepal

During the Afghan war, a hunting tool was made for Gurkhas to defend the country’s freedom. This fighting tool is made with authenticity; symbolize bravery and patriotism of Gurkhas in Nepal. To rate these hunting tools are reproduced and marketed online to showcase the historical origin and significant use of kukhuri in the woods. This tool is perfect for outdoor activities, especially in wild forest adventures.Now you can even have it for yourself and experience traditional hunting with your friends.
This authentic tool offers a lot of use in forest adventures and camping, from gaming to preparation of game, to making of kindling and grilling and to clearing of bushes along the way. Genuine Gurkha As of Kukri-11″ Authentic British Gurkha Afghan Khukuri provides these use to give you maximum fun and ease when having the adventurous and survival activities. On the other hand, before considering this tool, you should know its characteristics; as of material used durability and authenticity. Here are some measures you can look up to for this tool.



Built material.
This khukri is made from traditional and durable materials that best suits its authenticity and traditional use. Genuine Gurkha Aeof Kukri-11″ Authentic British Gurkha Afghan Khukuri has its hand grip from rosewood, a typical material used for most hunting tool handles in Nepal. Its razor-sharp edge is made from steel of highly graded carbon that skins, cut and chop any wild animal or material found in forests. This special hunting tool made by Ex Gurkha Kukhuri House in Nepal will give you the best option in hunting!

Tool measurements.
Genuine Gurkha Aeof Kukri-11″ Authentic British Gurkha Afghan Khukuri can be a little bit bulky for your outdoor bag. Its length is about sixteen inches with a handle of five inches and razor edge of 10 inches. This hunting tool is very suitable for gaming, skinning of a game, cutting joints and bones and even cutting of medium woods for the grilling. This Kukhuri weighs 1.76 pounds typical for such hunting tool. Genuine Gurkha Aeof Kukri-11″ Authentic British Gurkha Afghan Khukuri comes with freebies: “karda” (sharp) and “chakmak” (blunt) which are two small knives. Each of these has different functions with the former for skinning of a game and the latter as for sharpening of karda and kukhri with its blunt shank. You can have all of these when you purchase Genuine Gurkha Aeof Kukri-11″ Authentic British Gurkha Afghan Khukuri!

Locally made from Gurkha’s House in Nepal, this hunting tool offers authentic built and traditional use. With its exceptional sharp shank and authentic rosewood grip, you will feel the hype in the woods. It will never be a bad deal to purchase one with its awesome high-quality material and authentic style. You will surely have the feeling up for a real game!

The way of use.
Like any other hunting tool, Genuine Gurkha Aeof Kukri-11″ Authentic British Gurkha Afghan Khukuri is used for gaming, skinning animals, cutting the meat or bones, preparing to kindle for the grill and even clearing bushes on your way. Just make sure to keep yourself out of its shank and you are free from any cuts and injury. This Kukhuri is so sharp you have to keep it with its protective sheath made from buffalo leather lined inside with cotton to keep the shank sharp and yourself from cuts. All of those three items are wrapped with this sheath. You can either have this khukhuri in your bag or around your waist while tied with rope on its pommel. The latter way would totally make you look like a real hunter!

Order online!
Who would have thought you can have such authentic material in states? Within five days from the date of purchase you can have your authentic Genuine Gurkha Aeof Kukri-11″ Authentic British Gurkha Afghan Khukuri on your hand. Shipment is free so it is cost-wise and no hassle. It is a good deal considering the weight of the whole package is more than a kilogram. Save your energy and money on the freight and have the next outdoor experience with this awesome tool. Have yourself equipped with the right tool and enjoy the hunt to the max!

Having this cool kukhuri will make your hunting and outdoor experience worth the time. With its extra knives, you can have the simple stuff done on hand such as skinning game and sharpening the tools. It comes with protective sheaths made from cotton wrapped with buffalo leather making it durable. Definitely a price of one in three tools! This Genuine Gurkha Aeof Kukri-11″ Authentic British Gurkha Afghan Khukuri offers more than just skinning animals and chopping it to preferred pieces, but also clearing bushes that are hard to walk through in the woods. The tool is very much available with online ordering and is free of shipment making it economical and hassle free to have one.

Genuine Gurkha Aeof Kukri-11″ Authentic British Gurkha Afghan Khukuri is a little bit bulky with its sixteen inches length and 1.76 pounds weight. The hand grip is made from rosewood which could get chipped, look old and damaged in the long term This tool is not as handy as most of the gaming knives but definitely a good deal for hunting and camping in the woods.

Having a set of Genuine Gurkha Aeof Kukri-11″ Authentic British Gurkha Afghan Khukuri will give you maximum adventure on your woods-escapade! With its useful freebies, you will have yourself easier time skinning game, cutting and slicing meat and preparing for the grill. This khukhuri is a very useful tool in clearing your ways from bushes and thus having the best spot to set your camp. Worry no more with possible injuries and cuts from its sharp blades because of its authentic-made buffalo sheath to cover the shank. Genuine Gurkha Aeof Kukri-11″ Authentic British Gurkha Afghan Khukuri is an awesome deal for your gaming adventures!


Useful Facts about Fallkniven A1 Survival Knife, Fixed Blade Knife, 6.375 in, Satin Spear Point Blade, Kraton Handle

Have you imagined yourself in a battlefield wherein you have no weapon at all to defend yourself? You wanted to help but you could not coz you have neither the courage nor the defense to protect yourself and even the people around you? It is a similar feeling when you are in the kitchen about to cook and prepare the ingredients and unfortunately you don’t have the tool. What shall you do? In cases like these, common instincts play an important role though it is quite difficult to cut something without the knife, as human beings, you have the innate capacity to adapt and anticipate utilization of available alternatives just to accomplish a certain task. With the innovation of various products in the market today, the evolution of knives has never been overdue. Its prompt deviation allows the competition stiffer. There are several types offered along with its variation in features but in general, they share common function which is to cut particular food or object and for survival purposes. Although multiple kinds of knives surface over the years, there is one that made a mark and that is the fallkniven A1 survival knife. The majority of the users claimed it is one of the best but you can only prove this once you have tried one.

Fallkniven A1 Survival Knife is a kind of knife manufactured using best blades designed primarily for survival. It is typically utilized in military fields since it is familiar for its sturdiness over time and its stability. It possesses principal features which include the following.

Remarkable cutting ability using its sharp blade
Fallkniven A1 is an extraordinary product from the beginning until its last. Due to its ultra-sharp speck, this shaver is suitable for you in safeguarding yourself. Formed from steel and manufactured with extra hardness, it would be laborious for you to split it. Its thickness grants for a very firm cut along with its overall blade measurement that further initiate deep penetration to enemies’ physique. Aside from this model’s shaver sharp, it has an arched drudgery feature, which consumes a little bit of your time to grind it appropriately during initial usage and will get used to it with continuous handling.

Complete nip with metal base for pounding
One way of scrutinizing a great knife is being a full tang wherein you can easily visualize the metal connecting to its blade at the bottom of the grip which means that even the handle falls off, the owner can still use it with ease even for necessary hammering that further endures many cases of abuse for future utilization.

Designed with Kraton handle plus cushy and elaborated clinch
Kraton handle is made to fit ultimately to users’ hands. Because of its ergonomic grip, the user has the capacity to control the blade with maximum ease. It has a metal dent at its base which grants the consumer to tie a string if needed for supplementary support and immunity. In addition, due to its exceptional grip, you can still use it without difficulty even your hands are wet without being troubled of losing it upon progression.

Stored in black Zytel case with belt clamp and easy button
With the storage made accessible for both right and left-handed consumers, the sheath has a button to make sure the knife keeps in place and has a clamp designed to allow the owner to attach it on a belt. Oftentimes, unfastening is a problem, but with this product, that issue has been resolved since you can easily grab it anytime anywhere with convenience.

Fallkniven A1 has numerous usages which fall into the category of versatility. It is typically used for cutting, chopping, protecting oneself using an uptight scenario, pounding with the help of the bulging blade at the base that allows you to attack at a maintained range. Aside from these advantages, this knife is formed with just a right length to make it accessible and handy to the owner. Due to its sharpness and durability, there is nothing that this product can’t be cut or chopped as it is being examined and proven by the military. Moreover, because of its sharp edge, it can render maximum years of duty without compromising its quality. It is considered as the best product on account of its versatility. Anybody can purchase it with ease upon usage, less worry and stress coz of its friendly benefits.

A1 knife has a number of pros but has only one cons and it is its expensiveness. When you compare it with other knives, it is quite costly because of its extraordinary features that cheaper products don’t have. Its price is mainly based on the best blade to ergonomic grip, down to its outer sheath which is extremely the reason why this model stands out among the rest. Purchasing with the price like this will allow the consumer to save monetary expense since you don’t have to buy another one in the future, one product which is fallkniven A1 is enough for a lifelong use.

As the evolution of various knives rises exponentially through time, Fallkniven has made its mark in the industry due to its proven and tested individuality. From preparing, formulating to fighting for existence to camping and exploring, this knife will surpass your predictions. Broad, concrete and extensively enduring thus far, you will be astonished how sharp the curved tips are. As manufacturers used the best steels and blades, it is considered firm internally enough for massive end retention while its external is composed of smoother steels that prevent the product from breaking. These outcomes convey that this knife answers best of both actualities. It has been utilized and exploited yet have not exfoliated.

Fallkniven knives are a must try products especially if you have an issue in surviving over unwanted circumstances. Now a day, nothing is certain that is why it is beneficial if you are well prepared because in the first place, protecting yourself from harm is the primary objective of surviving to the fittest.